Matthew Paquin

Matthew Paquin

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First Name * Matthew
Last Name * Paquin
Username * Chowda
Country * USA
City Wakefield
Languages English


Current Position Animator;Artist;Compositor;Designer;Director;Editing, Film, Video, Digital;Educator / Instructor;Lighter;Matte Painter;Modeller;Producer;Production;Project Manager;QA / Tester;Renderer;Rigger;Writer / Editor
Areas of Expertise Digital PaintingEducational ServicesGames ComputerGames ConsoleLighting DesignMotion Picture or VideoPost ProductionPre ProductionSFXTelevisonVFXstudent
Preferred Tools After EffectsanimationArt DirectionCharactersCompositingDesignMAYAMental RayLightingModelingPhotoshopTexturingVFXVideoPhotographyPost ProductionRhinoSFXShort FilmsStoryboardinglightingModoMatte Paintingcharacter animationCharacter design




I decided to study filmmaking in college, and the summer before my freshman year I was at Comp USA and noticed a program called Bryce 3d. The box said something about making your own worlds, and I thought that might be a useful tool to have. Eventually I won my university's film festival with just Bryce and iMovie. WIth the winnings I upgraded to Electric Image Universe and continued working.

Eventually I found the means to purchase my own high end workstation (dual G5 tower, I'm a Mac supporter:) and a copy of Maya.

Currently I'm working on a 3d animated short. I'm giving myself 18 months to complete it. I'm using this as an opportunity to expand my skills. So far I've spent a month studying photorealistic lighting simulations with mental ray. After that I spent another month working on fluid dynamics.

I'm now six months into the project. Since February I've been learning rigging and character animation at RISD. Right now I'm working on the sets which should take me the rest of the summer. You can check out some animations here

*Update* 2


The rigging is turning out to be the most difficult part for me. My strength is definitely in animation and lighting. However, I'm learning a lot and its a good experience.